School 2011

F-BRIDGE School 2011

Synergy between modelling and experiments for the investigation of nuclear fuels and materials under irradiation

Location and date
The school was held at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge (UK) from Monday September 19th to Friday 23rd.


After its 2010 school dedicated to a general course on ceramic nuclear fuel and cladding materials, the second F-BRIDGE school focused on the synergy between modelling and experiments for the investigation of nuclear fuels and materials behaviour under irradiation.

This school was strongly connected to the 2011 edition of the MMSNF “Materials Modelling and Simulation for Nuclear Fuels” workshop, which took place the week immediately after in Aix-en-Provence (France). The school was also supported by theĀ PERFORM 60, EURACT-NMR, ACTINET-I3 European projects, the MATINEX French research group, the European Commission through the JRC Enlargement and Integration Action.


Progr 1 2011

Progr 2 2011

Poster session
A poster session was organised on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 21st. Best Poster Awards were given for the best poster presentations.

Target audience
This school was a training course designed for experimentalists and theoreticians who are interested both in the modelling of actinide compounds and their physical properties, and in their experimental characterisation. This school was first addressed to graduate students and young researchers, but more senior researchers interested in fuel were also welcome.

F-BRIDGE project is financed by the seventh European framework programme and seeks to bridge the gap between basic research and technological applications for Generation-IV nuclear-reactor systems. Advanced modelling and precise experiments are carried out in order to obtain more exact physical descriptions of ceramic fuels and cladding on all relevant scales, from the atomic to the macroscopic. Research is also focussed on assessing and improving ‘sphere-pac’ fuel, a composite-ceramics concept which has shown promise.

Scientific committee (F-BRIDGE project)
Carole Valot, CEA, coordinator
Marjorie Bertolus, CEA, deputy-coordinator
Rudy Konings, JRC-ITU, domain leader
Sander de Groot, NRG, domain leader
Joe Somers, JRC-ITU, domain leader
Paul Van Uffelen, JRC-ITU
Ian Farnan, Cambridge University Governing board member
Ping Xiao, Manchester University, Governing board member
Robin Grimes, Imperial College, Governing board member
Catherine Bessada, CNRS, Governing board member

Local Organizers
Ian Farnan, Cambridge University
Ping Xiao, Manchester University
Robin Grimes, Imperial College London
Bastien Duplantier, LGI

Progr 3 2011