Project Rationale

The overall strategy has been designed for an optimal implementation of the objectives, the main one being to establish a bridge between basic research and technological applications for Generation IV fuel systems and “sphere-pac” fuels in particular. The F-BRIDGE rationale is presented hereunder, which outlines the three project domains, emphasises the importance of the user group, and illustrates the fact that the project relies on good quality management as well as on knowledge transfer through a significant amount of training activities.


F-BRIDGE rationale

The three domains will be broken down into work packages (WP) as follows.

Domain 0: Project management and training activities

  • WP0-1 Project management, monitoring and reporting
  • WP0-2 Administration and finance
  • WP0-3 Dissemination and communication
  • WP0-4 Education and training activities

Domain 1: Basic research: experimental simulation and modelling of fuels and SiC cladding from the atomic to the mesoscopic scale

  • WP1-1 Experimental characterisation of transport properties and micro-structural changes in fuels and SiC cladding
  • WP1-2 Atomic-scale modelling of transport properties and micro-structural changes in carbides and nitrides
  • WP1-3 Thermodynamics of U-Pu-O-C fuel systems
  • WP1-4 Impact of minor actinides and fission products on phase diagrams
  • WP1-5 Fuel-environment chemical interaction (cladding, thermal bond material)

Domain 2: Integration of all scales, transfer between technological issues and basic research

  • WP2-1 Translation of technical issues into basic research investigation
  • WP2-2 Multi-scale modelling exercise on uranium dioxide: transport and thermo-mechanical properties
  • WP2-3 Best practice guidelines for irradiation test campaigns contributing to multi-scale modelling
  • WP2-4 Transfer of basic research and mesoscopic results to macroscopic models and fuel performance codes

Domain 3: Application to advanced sphere-pac fuel design

  • WP3-1 Performance evaluation of advanced sphere-pac fuel options
  • WP3-2 Advanced sphere-pac fuel development and control
  • WP3-3 Assessment of sphere-pac fuel for Generation IV system