Deliverables and Reports

Final report

R011 – Final Report


Public deliverables

D111 – Irradiation induced diffusion of He and I in UO2
D112 – Thermal diffusion experiments of O in UO2
D113 – Effect of auto-radiation on specific heat and thermal diffusivity of (U,Pu)O2 and UO2
D114 – Cl diffusion in UO2 with FP irradiation at high energy
D115 – Complementary studies of irradiation induced diffusion
D116 – Fabrication and first characterisations of uranium carbide samples
D117 – Microstructure of irradiated SiC
D118 – Investigation of Ag diffusion in SiC
D121 – Report on the behaviour of defects, FP and O in UN and (U,Zr)N
D122 – Electronic structure investigation of bulk actinide carbides
D123 – Electronic structure investigation of defects and O at UN surface
D124 – Atomic scale modelling of irradiation near SiC grain boundaries
D131 – Report on pair atomic potentials for U-Pu-O and U-Pu-C
D131 – revision 1 – Cluster Expansion Model for UPuC and UPuO
D132 – Report on experimental work on U-Pu-O
D133 – Report on updated phase diagram of the U-C system
D134 – Thermodynamic modelling of Pu-O-C using Calphad
D135 – Thermodynamic modelling of UPuOC using Calphad
D136 – Exp results on UPuCO
D141 – Preparation characterization of grey phase compounds
D142 – Ab initio modelling of molecular actinide compounds
D143 – X-ray diffraction and absorption characterization of MOX fuel
D144 – Melting behaviour of selected grey phase compounds
D145 – Thermodynamic modelling of-U-Pu-Am-Np-O
D146 – Results on the U-Mo-C system
D151 – Exp determination of UPuSiC phase diagram
D152 – Thermodynamic modelling of U-Pu-Si-C
D221 – Assessment of atomistic modeling methods
D222 – Investigation of transport properties of bulk UO2
D223 – EP investigation of polycrystalline UO2 and in presence of extended defects
D224 – Thermo-mechanical properties of complex microstructures

D225 – Application of mesoscale approaches to diffusion processes
D226 – Multiscale exercise on UO2
D232 – key material properties for modelling validation & input